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Hamilton County has a mosquito procedure and plan in place for arbovirus diseases but does not have vector control (mosquito spraying) for nuisance mosquitoes. There are various diseases (Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Zika) that are transmitted by mosquitoes. Living in Florida, we can never truly be mosquito-free, but we can be mosquito smart. There are simple actions we can take to reduce our risk of infection from one of these mosquito-borne diseases.

Protect Yourself

  • Remove all potential sources of stagnant water in which mosquitoes might breed.
  • Wipe out all containers that hold water to remove the larvae (mosquito eggs).
  • Stay indoors at dawn, dusk and in the early evening.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants whenever you are outdoors.
  • Spray clothing with repellents containing permethrin or DEET since mosquitoes may bite through thin clothing.
  • Apply insect repellent sparingly to exposed skin.
  • An effective repellent will contain 35 percent DEET (N, Ndiethyl-meta-toluamide).DEET in high concentrations

Protect Your Pets

  • Remove all potential sources of stagnant water around your home in which mosquitoes might breed.
  • Your pets should be kept inside during peak mosquito feeding times (dawn and dusk).
  • You are encouraged to contact your veterinarian if you are concerned about the health of your pets.
  • Use of mosquito resistant structures such as well-maintained insect screening and fans may reduce potential access of mosquitoes to equine and other livestock hosts.
  • Insect repellents approved for use on horses may be of some value in decreasing exposure, however there are restraints due to limited duration of effectiveness of some formulations under certain conditions (e.g. rain, perspiration).Horse owners are encouraged to contact their veterinarian immediately should they notice any signs or symptoms of Encephalitis infection in their horses, especially those exhibiting neurological signs

Protect Your Pets: Frequently Asked Questions

How do dogs or cats become infected with West Nile virus?

The same way humans become infected – by the bite of infectious mosquitoes.

What can I do to reduce my pets’ risk of becoming infected?

Reducing your pets’ exposure to mosquitoes will reduce its risk of becoming infected

Terrorism – If You See Something, Say Something

The Department of Homeland Security nationwide public awareness campaign “If You See Something, Say Something” is to raise awareness to the indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to local law enforcement authorities.

If you see something suspicious taking place, then report the behavior or activity to local law enforcement, or in the case of emergency call 9-1-1. Factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation alone are not suspicious.

For that reason, the public should report only suspicious behavior and situations (e.g., an unattended backpack in a public place or someone trying to break into a restricted area) rather than beliefs, thoughts, ideas, expressions, associations, or speech unrelated to terrorism or other criminal activity. Only reports that document behavior reasonably indicative of criminal activity related to terrorism will be shared with federal partners.